Accounting and Risk Management Services Montreal

Help our clients manage their financial and specific business risks in a cost effective approach manner by offering services of corporate accounting , corporate tax returns T2 and management accounting services. We are also experienced in the Risk Management field under the Sarbanes Oxley SOX and Bill 198 CSOX standards of documentation, analysis and testing.

Accounting and corporate taxes ( Simply Accounting)

General services : Monthly accounting , GST/PST quarterly returns, annual corporate tax returns T2 and all documents required to be prepared by the Quebec and Federal governments . We also prepare professional business plans for internal and external (such as getting financing from banks) purposes.

Private accountant ( financial and business advisor) for artists

Whether you are a singer , dancer , musician, painter, writer or any other type of artist , we can help you manage your income and expenses by performing a specific accounting and apply properly all tax advantages for yourself as an artist and for your corporation should you own one. We provide advice regularly to artists from Quebec and the Montreal region . We also manage well recognized artists corporations . We are located in the West Island of Montreal. Just tell us about your needs, we will help